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Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye

“The message of this wonderful book is loud and clear. Don’t wait! Make sure you leave your children of all ages the legacy of clear, loving communication from you.” Russell Friedman, Co-author of The Grief Recovery Handbook

Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye, Gemini AdamsGrief expert, Gemini Adams, wrote this Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winning book to help others understand that writing a Will simply isn’t enough.

After losing her Mom to cancer, Gemini quickly discovered that an inheritance of money and material possessions doesn’t give surviving family the ongoing support or continued connection they desire.

Wondering if her need for a more loving legacy was shared, she started an online survey asking:

“What would you prefer if one of your parents died: to inherit their wealth or a letter saying how much they loved you?” Over 90% expressed a wish for the loving letter.

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In this heartfelt and inspirational guide, Gemini explains that our real “wealth” lies not in our Financial Assets, but our Emotional Assets: the stories, lessons, values, wisdom image, voice, laughter and love that makes us who we are. Rather than just writing a Will, if we capture and share our Emotional Assets in a Legacy of Love, we can leave our children, partners, and grandchildren a precious parting gift, a timeless memento that will surely be treasured forever. Gemini provides creative and practical ways to embark on this purposeful activity, which, is not, as some might expect, a morbid task, but one that can bring incredible insight, peace of mind, and healing, especially for those coping with aging parents, a terminal illness or a premature loss.

What Are Readers Saying?

“This book was such a pleasure to read, full of personal accounts that touched, moved and inspired me. Creating a legacy of love, far from being a grim and weighty task, can actually be a joy and a pleasure that I hope everyone who reads this book will be inspired to create.” – Ayesha Walker, Los Angeles, CA

“In one brilliantly elegant concept Gemini’s work has transformed my uneasiness around the ‘death’ conversation into an adventuresome creative process. I’ve read sections of the book aloud to my loved ones who reacted with spontaneous tears of inspiration because Gemini has gifted us with a guideline for keeping our family spiritually and emotional united even beyond the inevitable. For my daughter and I ‘death’ is now a beautiful art project.” – Mark Houlihan, New Orleans

By taking the 10 simple steps to Realize the Gift in Goodbye, you will discover how to:

> Preserve family history and special memories.

> Create loving messages to gift as future surprises.

>Capture and record your life story, values and wisdom.

> Give children the guidance they will really need in your absence.

>Understand the ways that grief and bereavement might affect you and your family.

> Reduce the suffering of surviving loved ones, especially children, spouses and the elderly.

> Learn how to encourage grief recovery and healing in the bereaved.

> Overcome your denial and fears about death and dying.

> Plan a Life Celebration or funeral that will leave a lasting and positive impression.

> Achieve total peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care of your wishes.

> Create a precious gift that will be valued by present and future generations.

> Achieve peace of mind and a sense of meaning to life and have no regrets!

Buy the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, at Sony  or any bookstore.

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“Perhaps in the future it will be as normal to prepare some ‘Emotional Assets’ for loved ones ‘left behind’ as it is today to write a will? If so, the world will be a less painful place and Gemini will deserve high praise for initiating this.” – Readergirl, England

“I realized how much there is that neither I nor my family were aware of when dealing with death and grief. Sadly enough, none of us thought about leaving our Legacy of Love to our loved ones. Now that my father has died, I wish he would have left me anything personal, even if it were only a letter.” – Tatijana Michel, San Francisco

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“I have a young daughter and the discussion around emotional assets really struck a chord with me. I’m not sure that today we are doing a good enough job of preserving our life stories for future generations. It certainly got me thinking about how this should be done effectively, and I’m going to be working on mine over the next few weeks and months. The book does a great job of explaining how this can be done well, and the emotional toll if it is not done at all.” – Tim Hewson, Canada

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