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The 10 Steps

Follow these simple steps, taken from the chapters of Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye, to learn how to deal with death, grief and bereavement, to plan a funeral or life celebration, and to create memory boxes, record your life story, capture precious family history, create an ethical will, and legacy gifts that will be treasured by your loved ones. By doing this you can ensure that your family will be able to answer these questions . ..

  • How much did you love them?
  • What is their history ?
  • Who is going to support them in their time of need?
  • Who will comfort and care for them?
  • How will their memories stay strong?
  • How will they know to make ‘good’ life choices?
  • Who will motivate them when things get tough?

Just click on the steps below:

> Step 1- Deal with Denial of the D-word

We all struggle with the idea that our life is going to end. Yet accepting the inevitable can give you an incredible freedom. It can also remove the blockages that prevent you from preparing for this life-shattering event.

> Step 2 – Get to Grips with Grief

It’s really hard to entertain what grief might feel like unless you’ve experienced a loss. So how can you possibly imagine what your loved ones might need? Learn the impact loss has on the lives of the bereaved.

> Step 3 – Share Good Guidance

Create a ‘Mom or Dad’s Manual’ to share life instructions and lessons.  Pass on your values and wisdom so your children or grandchildren will make better life choices.

> Step 4 – Leave Future Surprises

Leave gifts for special celebrations, like birthdays or weddings, these will maintain the connection for your survivors and remind them of how much you cared for them.

> Step 5 – Create Musical Memories

Create and leave a compilation of music that will help them recall special memories of moments shared with you, or motivate them when things are tough.

> Step 6 – Record your Life Story

Share family values, ancestry, anecdotes and cultural or religious traditions, so your children and grandchildren understand where they came from and why things are the way they are.

> Step 7 – Plan your Life Celebration

Prepare your final farewell party  or a funeral well in advance so you can incorporate your personal desires and ensure the service reflects the real you, as well as reduce the burden for your survivors.

> Step 8 – Start to Define Your Wishes

Plan for the end of life so you can eradicate last-minute stress and uncertainty. This can help ensure you get the service you and your family desire.

> Step 9 – Learn to Follow Your Bliss

When we accept the inevitability of death we learn to live more fully in the present. We take greater risks, leap at opportunities and see that the only real reason for being here is to follow our bliss.

> Step 10 –  R.I.P – Rest in the Present

After all this focus on the end-of-life, some can get caught up in the ‘what if.’ Take a moment to return to the here and now, to make the most of what you have and rest in the present.

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