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Step 4: Leave Future Surprises

Name a StarWhen someone dies, the surviving family will soon start to experience what I call Lonely Landmarks – these are the days that you would typically have shared as special, celebratory occasions with your loved one. It might have been a birthday, graduation, anniversary, christening or even your weekly bingo night.

The key challenge with these events is that you will really miss the person who has gone. Suddenly this otherwise happy event becomes a reason for depression, melancholy and memories that bring sadness. You feel like these celebrations will never be joyous again.

You can help avoid this reaction by creating Future Surprises – gifts that will be delivered at a specific time, sometime in the future, on a special day, to remind your loved one of how much you cared.

It could be anything, a song, a card, a speech, an item of jewelry, a tree to plant or simple a note with a loving message. Find out more in Chapter 6 of Gemini’s book.

If you are really planning ahead, have your parents do this for you, just in case something should happen to them!

The links below will take you to the leading companies whose products are ideal for creating future surprises. This list of links is by no mean exhaustive and we continue to add organizations on a regular basis.

1-800 Flowers send flowers, chocolates or a gift basket for a special day to let them know you still care.

Interflora is the best place in the UK to order a floral gift to send anytime, anywhere in the world.

Inkubook is a British site where you can create photobooks to leave lasting memories.

The Comfort Company have a wide range of ideas that can be sent to your loved ones.

Limoges Jewelry offers beautiful jewelry products that can be engraved with a name or personal message of love.

Memory Bears are a wonderfully comforting gift, especially for young children.

Memorial Stars will help loved ones remember you every time they see the night sky.

Personalization Mall is the place to order special gifts with that personal touch, and they offer FREE SHIPPING!

Personalized Boutique specializing in personalized custom jewelry to leave a meaningful message that will always be with them.

Photoworks is the leading site for creating personalized photobooks, mugs, cards, calendars and gifts.

Talking Products offers a range of gift items that will let you record your own voice message into them.

Tree Gifts has a range of trees and bushes that can be sent with an engraved personal message to anywhere in Europe.

Things Remembered has an incredible range of beautiful gifts for leaving lasting memories with your loved ones.

With Love From a British site that offers beautiful gifts that can be engraved with a loving message.

If you know of a leading resource in any one of these fields, or wish to request a link for your own organization, please email us.

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