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Step 10: R.I.P – Rest in the Present

While its extremely important to Realize the Gift in Goodbye through creating a loving legacy, it’s no good if you spend the rest of your life creating conflict and being unloving.

One of the things I’ve noticed about working with those at the end of life is that the only thing they ever regret is whether or not they managed to love well during their lifetime. If they didn’t then this can cause a lot of emotional and spiritual suffering at the end.

That’s why it’s so important to develop your ability to love in this lifetime, to heal the wounds caused by conflict to repair any damaged relationships and clear up any communication confusions.

Below you will find a wealth of resources, books, sites and tools to help you along this path. Remember to read Chapter 11 of Your Legacy of Love.

Celebrate Love is a great site for articles on forgiveness and healing relationships.

Five Languages of Love is something you need to know about for the benefit of everyone in your life!

Loving What Is features four powerful questions from bestselling author, Byron Katie.

Love and Forgive offers simple practices for love, forgiveness and learning to let-go.

Learning to Forgive will help you find relief from your grievances.

Live and Love TV can only inspire you!

Making Your Peace will help you eliminate conflict from your life and lighten your load.

Real Love is a brilliant website with a ton of great resources.

Self Compassion will help you become a little more gentle with yourself!

Center for Non-Violent Communication teaches the language of love.

The Love Dare is a book, film and site that will change your relationships for ever!

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