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Step 2: Get to Grips with Grief

Video Grief is difficult to understand, unless you’ve been through it yourself. That’s why so many people who’ve lost a loved one, or are preparing to lose someone feel isolated and alone. It will be hard for you to Realize the Gift in Goodbye unless you understand what you or your family will experience after the death of someone.

By understanding the impact of grief, and how you can encourage others to have a healthy recovery from loss, you will be better equipped to create your own legacy of love and overcome any loss in your own life.

Explore the resources available here, books, organizations, support groups and products. Don’t forget to check out Chapter 3 in my book, Your Legacy of Love.

The links below will take you to the leading organizations in the fields of grief and bereavement care. This list of links is by no mean exhaustive and we continue to add organizations on a regular basis.

Bereavement Register will stop junk mail when someone has died.

Beyond Indigo has been listed as ‘Best of the Web’ for its grief-support message boards by Forbes magazine, not once, but six times

Child Bereavement Trust provides excellent support for parents who have lost a child in the UK.

Compassionate Friends is a leading non-profit offering support to bereaved parents in the US.

Cruse Bereavement Care is the UK’s leading provider of free advice for those who are coping with a loss.

Dougy Center is the leading national organization for family grief support in the USA.

Facing Bereavement hosts a series of expert articles to help you deal with a loss

First 30 Days features leading experts who can help people move through loss, divorce and any challenging time of transition.

The Grief Recovery Institute has a brilliant action program for moving beyond loss, founded by authors of bestselling book, The Grief Recovery Handbook.

Living with Loss publishes articles, stories, poems, and resources for the bereaved in both an online and print magazine.

Griefnet is a supportive online community of people who are dealing with a major loss.

Mind is the UK’s leading mental-health charity working to create a better life for anyone experiencing mental distress.

National Association of Widows offer support to British women who have lost a husband or partner.

Open to Hope aim to help those who have experienced a loss to cope with their pain and find hope for their future, a great site with tons of resources.

The Department of Health is a division of the NHS and provides resources for bereavement in Britain.

Veterans Agency offers advice to war pensioners, war widows and their dependents.

Winstons Wish is the leading child bereavement charity in the UK offering a helpline for anyone who is concerned about a grieving child.

If you know of a leading resource in any one of these fields, or wish to request a link for your own organization, please email us.

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