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Step 5: Create Musical Memories

Music NotesSound is powerful stuff. It can trigger buried memories, pull emotions from our innermost being, lift us to the skies or drag us down into despair. Music can motivate us, comfort and soothe, and cause us to dance, sing, and celebrate.

That’s why music can play such an important role in helping people heal from grief, aiding your loved ones in the creation, preservation and recall of special memories of the wonderful times you spent together.

Compile a selection of special songs,  from your wedding night, the holiday disco, your anniversary, favorite songs and create a CD, iPod playlist or even have someone record a song you’ve written and leave it behind as a surprise gift that will help them remember those precious moments.

Alternatively, pick songs with positive, uplifting, motivational lyrics and send to someone who is suffering a loss, if you pick the right words, you can help someone remember that there is an end to their suffering and remind them to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!”

The links below will take you to the leading companies whose products are ideal for creating musical memories. This list of links is by no mean exhaustive and we continue to add organizations on a regular basis.

Amazon has an MP3 music store where you can buy individual songs or albums.

Function Junction is where you can find a band to perform at a future event for you.

Gift Songs lets you create a song for a special occasion.

Jam Studio lets you create and record your own song online.

Memorial Music Library, has a brilliant collection of songs to choose from.

Rhapsody lets you listen to music, select what you like and create a play list or CD to gift.

Song Studio is a place where you can order a song for any special occasion.

Song Maker is a UK based service to record your own song live in a studio.

Tailored Music allows you to create your very own love song as a gift for someone special.

iTunes Store is a place where you can access and download millions of MP3’s to create your own playlist or compilation CD.

Walmart has millions of songs that can all be downloaded to create your own special CD to gift.

Your Custom Song is a site where you can have a song written, just for you or for someone you love.

If you know of a leading resource in any one of these fields, or wish to request a link for your own organization, please email us.

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