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Step 6: Record Your Life Story

LifebookYou are pretty unique, right! No doubt that no one else has lived the same life as you, and along the way you’ve had some pretty interesting, eventful, exciting and educational experiences.

You’ve learned numerous lessons, you’ve experienced cultures, traditions, history in the making, you’ve struggled, had successes and bounced around in the mixing bowl of life. Wouldn’t it be a shame if all that was lost?

The idea of creating Your Life Story is to preserve this information for your family and future generations, so your children’s children and their children are able to learn something about their heritage, history, the world and about the details of their great, great, great grandparents!

Below you will find some fantastic resources for capturing this essence of you, using biography websites, books, self-publishing or plain handwriting. There are even biography services where they will come and interview you on video!

Preserving your life story really does create a valuable gift to pass on to the next generation, it’s also a fun and enjoyable activity, trawling through the memories of your younger days will no doubt bring some laughter to your day.

The links below will take you to the leading organizations who will help capture your life story. This list of links is by no mean exhaustive and we continue to add organizations on a regular basis.

Ancestry the world’s largest site of family documents, where you can discover your heritage and build your family tree.

Lifebook is a British company who will help you pass on your life story to your children in a beautiful autobiographical book.

Celebration Of is one of the best places to store precious memories using videos, photographs and your story.

Life Bio is a leading site where you can record stories that are important to you and your community or family.

My Heritage is a place where you can create and share your family tree with everyone.

Photoworks is a great place to tell your story with visuals, use digital photo’s to bring your story to life!

Story of My Life is a place where you can create, share and store your story forever.

The Remembering Site allows you to record your life story as it unfolds.

Write My Memoirs offers step-by-step help on the process of writing your memoir or autobiography.

Your Life Story has a variety of products to help you preserve your memories.

Priceless Treasures a British site offering a variety of great products to help you capture your memories.

If you know of a leading resource in any one of these fields, or wish to request a link for your own organization, please email us.

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