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Step 8 : Define Your Wishes

Thinking about what might happen and how we should prepare for it is something that none of us really want to do. However, if we don’t we run the risk of causing our surviving family unnecessary pain and suffering.

And it’s not just writing a Will or Estate Planning that we should be thinking about. There are Advance Health Care Directives, Living Wills, Ethical Wills, End-of-Life Wishes and so much more!

Take a look at the resources, books and sites below, or check out Chapter 9 in Your Legacy of Love to find out how you can be totally prepared, and in doing so gain peace of mind for yourself and reduce the risk of burdening your family with costs and decisions that will only add to their suffering.

The links below will take you to the leading organizations and websites where you can explore living wills, legacy issues, and your final will and testament as well as end-of-life care options. This list of links is by no mean exhaustive and we continue to add organizations on a regular basis.

AARP the site for seniors, offers great advice on end-of-life and financial planning issues.

Caregivers Library provides all the information that will help support teams give their loved ones the choices they deserve.

Citizens Advice Bureau is the UK’s central resource on all UK legal issues.

Compassion and Choices has the most comprehensive information on end-of-life choices in the US, including euthanasia.

Dignity in Dying can help you decide what to do regarding your legal choices in the UK, including euthanasia.

Hospice Care is an international association providing help on end-of-life  and palliative care choices.

Living Will Registrycan help you create a legally binding document regarding your end-of-life decisions, for all residents of the USA.

Legacy Writer is the leading estate planning legal document web service in the USA.

Parting Wishes is an award-winning site offering everything you need for writing a will or a living will.

Ten Minute Will allows you to record your final wishes in a matter of minutes.

The Will Bureau is a leading provider of legal services for estate planning in the UK.

US Government site for information on advance directives, living wills and much more.

If you know of a leading resource in any one of these fields, or wish to request a link for your own organization, please email us.

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